London Choir

Georgina Colwell (LLCM, ISM, RSM) is the Musical Director of the TWIG singers and the Albany Glee club, all female choir's based in Surrey. If you are looking to sing in a Greater London choir, one of these may be right for you.
Join a London choir Georgina also runs a singers workshop for soloist singers. Singing in a greater London choir can be a very rewarding experience where you'll pick up many singing tips from our expert singing coach and all of the tools to learn to sing. If you're unsure of how to get the best from your voice and how to sing, singing classes may be just what you need. With expert singing tuition from our experienced singing teacher you'll learn everything you need to join a London choir. So come along and give it a go, a London choir needs you!

If you're looking for singing lessons London Musicair can teach you to how to sing better. Alternatively, if you're more interested in music education, in particular piano lessons then we can help you to learn keyboard or learn piano. Georgina has been a piano tutor for 30 years and can help you play piano like a professional! You can even buy sheet music and piano sheet music from our online store.

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Knowledge of music theory can have a vast improvement on your playing so why not book a lesson with a music teacher today? Our music teachers can even help you learn to read music with their excellent music tuition.